G.Naya Food & Wine Events

February 26, 2009


Food and Wine needs no excuse for a celebration.  We have extensive experience in all facets of gastronomic event productions, and we believe that every event, regardless of size, deserves the same attention to detail.

Our extensive network of chefs, restaurants, and hospitality professionals make us the perfect choice for your festival.

We also have numerous contacts within the elite of food and wine producers and distributors and we can negotiate sponsorship arrangements for events that could be interesting for their product exposure and sales.

Tastings: Wine, Tequila, Champagne, Spirits

Whether you are an amateur wine connoisseur or a professional restauranteur, our tastings will inform and delight. All tastings are guided by an accredited sommelier or tequilier. Arrangements can be made for groups large and small, in-home or in a restaurant setting. We also provide wine education to the restaurant industry.

Cooking classes / Demonstrations

Do you ever imagine yourself on a cooking class with a great Chef? Are you a serious amateur looking for that professional finish for your dishes? For private cooking classes in a professional restaurant kitchen or your home kitchen we have the perfect professional chef to assist you.

Culinary Adventures/Wine Tours

Visit the home of the blue agave, sip the world’s finest tequila or the best wines. Take cooking classes or tastings with chefs and wine experts.
Visit wineries and interact with the producers, winemakers and wine specialists, while tasting their wines, it enriches the experiences stock of any wine expert and opens a new world to any amateur wine lover.

Gina Naya will custom arrange the food and wine tour that best captures your imagination!


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